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Saving and Opening Project Files

Culvert Studio uses only two files:

  1. Project Files: These files are used to store all of your project data including the IDF curves that were being used at the time the project was last saved. Project files have a “.cst” extension.
  2. IDF curve files: These files store the IDF curves and have an “.idf” extension. These are the same .idf files used in other Hydrology Studio software and can be opened and used in Culvert Studio.

Saving Projects

Culvert Studio works much like a spreadsheet or word processor. To save a project, select “Save Project” from the “File” menu. If you are saving this file for the first time, select “Save Project As…”. When using “Save Project” the program will automatically save the project under its current name.

Opening Projects

To retrieve a project, select “Open Project” from the “File” menu button. You may also select a recent project from the Recent Projects list. The Recent Projects list will hold up to 5 recently open projects. To remove one from the list, right-click and choose “Remove from list”.


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