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Installing and Activating

By now you probably have Culvert Studio installed but just in case you haven’t, just follow the purchase/download instructions at the product’s website. The initial download will contain the free trial version which has no time limit but limited functionality. For example, the Culvert size is fixed to a 24-inch circular pipe, you won’t be able to save project files; and most of the reports will be watermarked.

Culvert Studio uses Microsoft’s “Click-once” technology which makes the installation process fast and easy. An icon will be automatically added to your desktop and will launch the program.

How to Activate Culvert Studio

Upon launch, the program checks for the registration serial number. If it is not available, an activation screen appears like the following:

Enter your Serial Number to register your software.¬†Once the serial number is entered it is stored and you won’t be reminded again.

Moving Your License to a New Computer

From time to time, you may need to replace your existing computer and thus reinstall Culvert Studio on the new one. You will need to register the license on the new computer.

Do this by first deactivating the license on the old computer. To deactivate, select Manage License… from the File menu and then click [Deactivate].¬†This frees up the activation so that it can be used on the new computer.

Loose Your Serial Number?

If for some reason your serial number is lost, please email support@hydrologystudio.com for retrieval. You will need the email address that was used when ordering.


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