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About Culvert Studio

Welcome and congratulations for choosing the industry’s most easy-to-use culvert modeling software. This state-of-the-art desktop application features comprehensive culvert modeling utilizing the most popular agency-accepted computational methods.

All this wrapped around a rich user interface built from the ground up with Windows Presentation Foundation

Culvert Studio was developed primarily for practicing civil engineers and related professionals involved with urban and rural storm drain modeling and design.

What you can do with Culvert Studio

Model and design culverts with circular, rectangular, elliptical and arch shapes.
Model a variety of open channel sections for use in culvert analysis.
Produce professional looking, agency-ready reports

Technical Highlights


  • Computes hydraulic grade line (HGL) with flow regimes including supercritical flow, hydraulic jumps & pressure flow
  • Models inlet and outlet control flow regimes
  • Models circular, rectangular, elliptical, arch and arch pipe shapes
  • Models circular embedded culverts
  • Models open bottomed arch and rectangular shapes
  • Computes roadway/embankment overtopping flows
  • Uses FHWA – HDS-5 methodology
  • Handles partial, full and surcharged flow regimes automatically
  • Computes scour geometry per HEC-14
  • Automatically designs Riprap Aprons for outlet protection against scour
  • Use widely accepted Rational method or specify your own Q’s
  • Computes rainfall intensities automatically
  • Develops IDF curves with 8 return periods
  • Imports rainfall data from NOAA Atlases for IDF curve generation
  • Much more!


  • Computes normal depth rating curves for Rectangular, Trapezoidal, Triangular and User-defined shapes
  • Up to 50 user-defined points can be used to describe channel sections
  • N-values can vary across sections
  • Variety of calculation options includes the Rational Method, Known Q, Known Depth or Q vs. Depth with user-defined increments
  • Specify any Channel Section for use as a Tailwater for Culvert analysis

Output Features

Professional reports are easy to read and interpret and include inputs, outputs as well as water surface profiles, sections, plans and performance charts. Output grids are exportable to .txt or .csv file formats. Includes Print Preview.


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