A Quick Overview

Hydrology Studio will automatically use the rainfall data that is either built-in or added by you. This data is stored internally and works behind the scenes, so-to-speak. Each time a hydrograph is created or computed, the software uses this rainfall. There’s very little for you to do once it is set up for your locale. This rainfall data is automatically loaded upon each program launch.

The software ships with default data for which is useful while getting to know the program. But eventually you’ll want to setup your own local data. There are three different files it uses:

  1. IDF Curves – For use in computing flows for the Rational Method and developing Synthetic Design Storms when using the NRCS method
  2. Precipitation Data – Rainfall totals for use in NRCS-based hydrographs
  3. Custom Design Storms – While Hydrology Studio has an entire library of built-in storms, this file holds up to 10 design storms that you can customize

Hydrology Studio automatically manages these files for you in that it opens them upon launch and saves them when exiting if anything has changed. Once you’ve set these up, there’s nothing else you need to do.

These three files should be saved in your Hydrology Studio > Rainfall Files folder. You may also choose to store them in any other local folder you wish. The files currently in use are shown in the Status Bar at the bottom of the Main Window. Just be sure that the files can be accessed by Hydrology Studio when it launches.

All rainfall files are embedded in each project file so it is not necessary, for example, to email an associate, the .hys project file and the associated rainfall files.

Rational Method Hydrographs

If you plan to only use the Rational Method then all you’ll need to do is:

  1. Localize the IDF Curves
  2. Choose Return Periods

NRCS Hydrographs

If you plan to use the NRCS hydrographs then:

  1. Choose Return Periods
  2. Select the Design Storm
  3. Enter your local rainfall amounts

All three of these steps are completed here.

Use RainMaps™ to Localize Rainfall

RainMaps™ is a cloud-based server which contains Hydrology Studio Suite specific rainfall files (.idf and .pcp) you would normally have to set-up in the software either by direct entry of data or importing from NOAA Atlas 14 as described in the steps above. We’ve taken all of the steps required to create these files so you won’t have to. And they are available with just a couple of mouse-clicks. Learn more…