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About Studio Express

Welcome and congratulations for choosing the industry’s most easy-to-use hydraulics & hydrology software. This state-of-the-art desktop application was designed to be a quick and easy tool for solving everyday hydraulics and hydrology problems. It features open channels, pipes, weirs, orifices, HEC-22 -style inlets and hydrology. All of this is wrapped around a rich user interface built from the ground up with Windows Presentation Foundation.

Who uses Studio Express?

Studio Express was developed primarily for practicing civil and environmental engineers, engineering students, educators and related professionals involved with fluid mechanics, drainage hydraulics and runoff hydrology.

What can you do with Studio Express?

  • Model & design single-section open channels and pipes
  • Model and analyze a variety of weirs
  • Model and analyze a variety of orifices
  • Comprehensive inlet and spread analysis
  • Develop runoff hydrographs using NRCS, Rational & Modified Rational methods
  • Quickly estimate required sizes of detention ponds
  • Perform retention pond recovery analysis and exfiltration
  • Produce professional looking, agency-ready reports and graphics

Partial List of Technical Features

  • Models rectangular, trapezoidal, triangular, user-defined and parabolic-shaped open channels
  • Models circular, rectangular, elliptical and arch-shaped pipes
  • Models rectangular (sharp and broad-crested), trapezoidal, Cipoletti, v-notch and compound (two-stage) weirs
  • Models circular, rectangular and perforated plate orifices
  • Models curb, grate, combination, drop-curb and drop-grate inlets
  • Automatically computes inlet captured and bypass flows along with separate gutter and inlet spread widths
  • Variety of calculation options includes Known Q, Known Depth or Q vs. Depth with user-defined increments
  • Computes normal depth rating curves for channels, pipes, weirs, orifices and inlets
  • Uses SCS/NRCS TR-20, Rational and Modified Rational methods
  • 2,880-point hydrographs for maximum accuracy
  • No limits on drainage areas
  • Computes composite runoff coefficients and NRCS Curve Numbers
  • Built-in NRCS 6 & 24-hr (including Type II Fla) design storms
  • Develops synthetic design storms based on IDF curves
  • Develops local rainfall IDF curves
  • Imports rainfall data from NOAA Atlases for IDF curve generation
  • Built-in Lag, TR-55 method and Kirpich Tc calculator
  • Computes required storage for detention ponds
  • Calculates retention pond recovery times for unsaturated and saturated flows in shallow aquifers
  • Fully functional in U.S. Customary and Metric units
  • Outstanding detailed graphical outputs
  • Much more!

Output Features

Professional reports are easy to read and interpret and include inputs, outputs as well as water surface profiles, sections, plans and performance charts. Output grids are exportable to .txt or .csv file formats. Includes Print Preview.