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Using the Batch Run Feature

It’s inevitable that once your basin model has been constructed, you’ll need to make some changes to an individual hydrograph. If you’re making changes to any upstream hydrographs, those changes will need to be carried to all of the hydrographs downstream.

If you edit Hydrograph 2, for example, use the Batch Run to update the model all the way downstream

The Batch Run feature can do this for you in one click rather than re-computing each hydrograph.

Another reason to use Batch Run is after making changes to the Precipitation Manager settings. For example, you activated or deactivated additional return periods or changed the Design Storm from a 6-hour to a 3 hour. Perhaps you selected a new Time Interval in the Settings.

This batch run function begins at Hydrograph No. 1 and works downstream automatically, re-computing each hydrograph, the same as you would do manually, step-by-step. To use this feature, click the [Run] button on the Ribbon Toolbar.

Batch Run Options

There may be occasions when you need to re-compute from a selected hydrograph, upstream, and not the entire model. For example, you might want re-compute from Hydrograph 1 to Hydrograph 6 in a model that contains 9 hydrographs as shown below. In this case, select Hydrograph 6 and then click the Batch Run button. Hydrographs 1 through 6 will be updated but 7, 8 and 9 will not.


Hydrographs 1 through 6 were computed, but not 7, 8 & 9.

Batch Run Precautions

If you make an input edit to an individual hydrograph, for example, the Channel Slope in a Reach. It’s a best practice to re-[Compute] the hydrograph before using the Batch Run feature to migrate the edits downstream.