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About Hydrology Studio

Welcome and congratulations for choosing the industry’s most easy-to-use hydrology software. This state-of-the-art desktop application features comprehensive watershed modeling utilizing the most popular, agency accepted computational methods along with wizard-like detention pond design. All this wrapped around a rich user interface built from the ground up with Windows Presentation Foundation.

Who uses Hydrology Studio?

Hydrology Studio was developed primarily for practicing civil and environmental engineers and related professionals involved with urban and rural watershed modeling and detailed detention pond design.

What you can do with Hydrology Studio

  • Complex watershed modeling and regional drainage studies
  • Commercial, industrial and Residential site designs
  • Pre- and post-development studies
  • Fast & easy detention pond sizing and design
  • Easily setup, design and model underground detention ponds
  • Extended (Full Spectrum) detention
  • Produce professional looking, agency-ready reports

Partial List of Technical Features

  • Models entire complex watersheds
  • Uses SCS/NRCS TR-20, Rational and Modified Rational
  • 2,880-point hydrographs for maximum accuracy
  • No limits on drainage areas
  • Handles up to 100 hydrograph nodes, each with up to 8 return periods at once, for a total of 800 hydrographs!
  • Automatic batch run operation for user-defined multiple return periods
  • Built-in NRCS, NOAA design storms in any time interval
  • Built-in Huff B75 Distributions in any time interval, all quartiles
  • Up to 10 unique custom design storms can be specified
  • Develops synthetic design storms based on IDF curves
  • Develops rainfall IDF curves
  • Built-in Lag and TR-55 method Tc calculator
  • Combines up to 6 hydrographs at once
  • Routes hydrographs through channels
  • Diverts hydrographs by constant Q, ratio, 1st-flush volume or any pond outlet structure
  • Computes outlet flows for detention ponds
  • Up to 10 user-definable outlet structures per pond including exfiltration
  • Handles multi-stage outlet works
  • Storage values can be computed from contour areas, trapezoidal shape or underground storage chambers with optional stone encasement
  • Weirs types include rectangular, Cipoletti, riser, broad crested, compound and v-notch
  • Routes hydrographs through wet, dry or interconnected detention ponds
  • Fully functional in U.S. Customary and Metric units
  • Much more!

Output Features

Check the options you like on comprehensive Report Options menu and Hydrology Studio starts printing easy-to-read numerical reports, including their graphs, for any or all return periods. Includes Print Preview. Batch processing at its best!